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1. Swing Sensation
2. My Dear Friend
3. Misty Eyes
4. How Are You Today

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This new Crooner/songwriter with his second EP is brimming over with confidence including 3 big band tracks and 1 acoustic track. Fall in love and weep, if swing's your thing you'll love Swing Sensation.


This 2nd EP stays within the genre of crooner/songwriter, but I have been working very closely with a new arranger, to keep the music sounding fresh in both the music and the lyrics. I wanted to keep the sound of the big band but bring the electric and acoustic guitar upfront in the mix. When we were in the studio recording these songs, the buzz among the musicians was really exciting, I new if I could get them on my side with some of the changes, we would be on a winner. I had nothing to worry about, from producer to arranger, and all the musicians it was a great few days in the studio, when you finally hear the music coming together, it is just such an exciting feeling. I'm certain you will also get the sense of real music with a great band from this EP.
Ronald Simone

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