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1. Win Win Win
2. My Home
3. My Little Girl
4. The Duke

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New wave big band crooner song writer.


This is now my 3rd EP and everyone involved is very excited about the results. I don't want to get all musical about this but I would like to explain a little more about how I've reached what I believe is a turning point in my musical career.

I made a conscious decision to go head first into the big band sound, I new this was going to be a challenge, because musically, the style is retro but still very popular. All the big artists in this style of crooner swing, laid down a template for the style, which has truly stood the test of time. The question was. How could I bring something different to the genre?

My first answer is. I'm a crooner song writer which gives me a little edge on the style, but after the first EP (Watching The Stars) I was always being compared to Sinatra, I love him, but Sinatra I'm not, so I felt I needed to find something, that would make me different from this, and I truly believe we have found the sound that is Ronald Simone.

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